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The City of Rio de Janeiro has five airports. The Antônio Carlos Jobim International in Galeao is the airport used for all the international flights and some long-haul domestic flights. It is 9 miles north of downtown Rio and is a 30 minute drive under normal traffic conditions. The Santos Dumont Regional Airport , Rio de Janeiro 's first airport is considered one of the most awesome airports in whole world due to its location between Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, the Aterro do Flamengo, and Guanabara Bay . It is currently used for the São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro Air Shuttle Service. Aeroporto de Jacarepaguá is currently used by Aeroclube do Brasil (Brasil Flying Club) and may be used in the future for the Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo Air Shuttle Service. Campo dos Afonsos and the Santa Cruz Air Base are military airports.

It is best to get a taxi to your hotel. A typical trip from the airport to the Copacabana or Ipanema area is about R$60. Most taxi operates with meters. Another option to get to the beaches or downtown from the main airport is to ride an air-conditioned shuttle bus with "Aeroporto International" on the windshield. This is a lot cheaper than taking a taxi, but takes a lot more time. Remember to ask for more information and where to catch this bus. You pay for the ride at the time of boarding.  


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